We engineer efficiency,

never compromising excellence.

Don't just go to market, take it by storm.

And it's smooth sailing from there.
Rapid Product Development

We maintain all engineering and tooling resources under one roof, enabling the fastest to market solution in the industry. Full fixture prototypes can be developed in just hours - our dedicated learning center efficiently assesses feasibility, and our testing capabilities deliver full performance characterization.

World Class Operations

Operational performance is the pride of this team. Anchored by a lean culture, we excel with short lead times, ensure on time delivery, and are able to adapt via a flexible supply chain. And this is never, ever, at the expense of quality.

We don't just go with the flow,
we maximize it.

Our process - 100% executed in the USA - is driven by decades of insight and expertise.

Unrivaled Product Development

Unparalleled Operations

Once we have a design, there is no hesitancy. Utilizing our varied skill sets in a highly collaborative atmosphere, we’re able to go from design to prototype in 48 hours. That’s fast.
  • Full staff of engineering support
  • State of the art lighting design center
    • CNC turret press
    • Laser Cutting
    • 3 Axis Milling
    • Water Cutting
    • Precision Press Brakes
    • 3D Printing

Without applying ingenuity to assess the minutiae, there will be no success. Our in-depth testing enables us to deliver maximum performance in product design.
  • Full Characterization capabilities
    • Photometric analysis – Near Field goniometer
    • Thermal chambers & measurement systems
    • Integrating Spheres
    • IP Testing
  • On-site UL witness testing

Our strategic process ensures that high efficiency is maintained throughout the production process. We employ innovative systems that make the go-to- production phase smoother than you ever thought possible.
  • Supply chain flexibility - we ascribe to a customer driven approach
    • Stocking Options
    • Strategic Partnerships
    • Private Labeling
    • UL Recognized integration
  • Life cycle management: - we match our client’s investment needs with market requirements
    • In-house engineering
    • In-house tooling
    • Pricing transparency

The value of working with Ecolite extends to the marketplace, as our engineering team applies lean principles and techniques to help you cut costs, reduce price points, and increase market share.
  • Fully integrated Lighting products
  • Powder coated Fixture bodies
  • Machined components
  • Reflectors
  • Louvers
  • HVAC air return grill (egg crate)

Our history is illuminating.

History of Ecolite

A family owned, privately held business, Ecolite has been in the lighting business for over 40 years. That makes us a 3rd generation lighting family. What’s driven our leadership is a unique marriage of internal collaboration and superior client experience. The result is unmatched efficiency: fast product development and prototype delivery, complemented by operational speed and flexibility. We’re defined as an innovative lighting solutions company – not just a lighting industry fabrication house.

Our collaboration knows no ceiling.

Material Reduction

5S Improvement


Step Reduction



Our Culture

Indeed we can create anything – any and all integrated fixture products and components. But the difference at Ecolite is twofold. First, we stand on constant innovation, and continual development of new techniques that offer benefits to clients. Secondly, we’ve instilled an atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration. Here, there is no compartmentalizing, there is no, “sorry that’s not my job.” What you will hear though is, “hey, I figured out a way to do this faster, let me help you.”

Waste not, waste not.

We approach every need from a total solutions standpoint, and what permeates every decision and process flow is the idea of lean manufacturing. Every team member embraces the significance of reducing waste, of both materials and time. From identifying obvious steps to unearthing subtle nuances, we enhance and develop processes that make us leaner. And the benefits of this are passed on to our architectural and commercial clients in the form of cost-efficiencies. To us, it simply doesn’t make sense to operate any other way.

A wealth of know-how.

Mike Severtson
Primarily responsible for our engineering and prototype resource center, Mike brings to Ecolite a diverse range of industry experience. His comprehensive expertise in product development, operations, lean manufacturing and lighting products has enabled Mike to deliver innovative, efficient lighting solutions for over 15 years. Included in his arsenal of skills is a proficiency in UL, DLC, and a host of other lighting regulatory requirements.
Joe Jennings
Joe’s day-to-day role comprises all initiatives related to sales, market development and customer relations. He’s been pioneering state-of-the-art lighting solutions with Ecolite for over 20 years, maintaining proven experience in product development, operations, lean manufacturing, logistics and lighting products.
Ed Caferro
Ed, the Ecolite CEO, plays an active role in ideating new technology and leading business development. A seasoned lighting engineer, he’s been a presence in the industry for over 30 years and hails from a family of lighting innovators - his grandfather was GM of Columbia lighting when they were based in Spokane where his father, Ron (President of Ecolite) ran the photometric lab.  Ed earned a degree in mechanical engineering from Gonzaga University, and puts his education to invaluable use here at Ecolite.

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